Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

5 considerations to help you decide if you should reface your cabinets or just replace them altogether:

Lots of people start the new year by planning ahead – vacations and cities to visit, personal goals to accomplish and ultimately the changes to their home in the coming year. At the top of the home list is almost always (unless you’ve recently renovated) a kitchen or bath upgrade.

One of the most common questions I get is whether to reface or remodel cabinets. The answer is simple – it depends on your current situation… To help make the right decision I’ve made a list of the top 5 considerations to help you evaluate and decide. Super excited you are going to upgrade your kitchen this year!

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5 high impact upgrades to your REAL home entryway…

Like most metro-east suburbanites, we NEVER enter through our front door. Of course, I spend time every season updating the front door with flowers (Mums/Vincas/lighted fir) and a wreath.  I recently added these amazing lightbulbs that make my front porch lights glow like lanterns.  All of this would create a beautiful welcome for me and for visitors.  The only problem is that nobody ever uses that front door.  Like ever.  Oh wait – UPS does get to enjoy it very much (#PrimeMember).

I am always hustling through the garage (carrying something – groceries, my 15 pound purse, backpacks, coffee, etc) carefully avoiding the bikes and tools so that I can get to the mudroom and set it all down.  

For a long time that mudroom was a complete disaster – terrible paint, the worst vinyl flooring, and nowhere to hang coats, bags & backpacks and absolutely no decor to speak of.  Unless you count the washer, dryer and fridge.  No function or form. What would the Feng Shui masters think of my situation?

Transforming my space to serve me – both in function and form was actually easier than anticipated with these high impact changes:

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